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Ascension Meditations

The Ascension Meditations are designed to raise your vibration for Ascension. Each meditation will focus on balancing one aspect of yourself at a time - Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual.

Ascension Meditation Explanation

Ascension Meditations I - (Emotional) Forgiveness

It is important to do these in the order I - IV.


Listen to this one first!

Ascension Meditations II - (Mental) Release Fear

Before you try Ascension Meditation 2, Mental Body, please watch a brief explanation detailing the background you need to know before you attempt it. Also, when I say cross your legs, I just mean to cross them at the ankles. Enjoy!

Ascension Meditations III - (Spiritual) Cosmic Consciousness Meditation

It is important to do these in the order I - IV.

Ascension Meditations IV - (Physical) Whole Body Alignment

Now we fire up our Spiritual Juicer! (or blender) to mix up some powerful tonics to charge and balance our Chakras and Physical body. We will also finally align all of the subtle bodies into one, which will create a Divine Rainbow Bridge between your Body, the Earth and the Cosmos! If created in the correct balance and Love and Intent you can change anything to your Will, as long as it is in keeping with the Divine Will. This is the last and most powerful meditation in the Ascension Meditation series.