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Bio-psychological Effects of Ascension

As the Ascension approaches, every human will experience psychological and physical changes. This series details those potential changes, and in some cases, adverse effects.

What is Schumann’s Resonance?

The Schumann’s Resonance, otherwise known as the Earth's Heartbeat has been increasing in frequency since the early 1980's. This is evidence that the Earth is Ascending to a higher plane of existence. Find out how we can prepare.

Human Brain Waves

Schumann's Resonance is rising in frequency and is having a direct influence on Humans. By studying the Human Brain Waves we can begin to understand the importance of environmental synchronization.

SR Effect on Human Health

As the Earth's resonance rises humans become more and more out of sync with the earth. This will lead to many health issues and a breakdown of society. In fact, I first made these predictions in 2006 and every one of them as come to pass!

The Human Energy Field

The human body is basically a electro-chemical plant. It is influenced by external fields, but can also influence external fields. By understanding the frequencies of the human aura we can begin to back-engineer the system to our advantage. By raising our aura frequencies to resonate in harmony with the Shuman's Resonance we create a healthy body.

Harmonic Synchronization

Harmonic synchronization occurs when your body/mind transfers information back and forth with the earth. This can only be achieved if both bodies are vibrating at the exact same frequency. However, since the Earth has begun her Ascension as is evident by the rise in Schumann's resonances most people are out of sync. There are 3 obvious behaviours that determined if you are out of sync.

Training Your Brain

By using Binaural tones we can re-set our brain wave patterns to once again harmonize with the Earth frequency known as the Schumann Resonance. This will help our health, psychological state as well as prepare us for Ascension.

Decoding 11:11

Physical reality is a consciousness program created by digital codes. Numeric codes define our existence. Human DNA is encoded to be triggered by digits at specific times. 11:11 awakens the mind to the change and evolution of consciousness.