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Danny Searle
  • ISBN-10: 154524605X 
  • ISBN-13: 978-1545246054
Danny Searle Danny Searle

The year 2012 marked a new stage in humanity’s Ascension to a higher plane of existence. We are experiencing the Shift, a transitional period in which the existing third-dimensional reality gives way to a higher plane of spiritual existence: the fifth dimension.

As our new reality emerges, that which does not serve us is being stripped away, a necessary though uncomfortable process that causes unease and some degree of chaos, both on the world stage and in our personal lives.

Far from fearing the Shift, however, we should embrace it.

An experienced spiritual guidance counsellor, Danny Searle has devised a step-by-step daily guide to Ascension to make your passage through the Shift as easy as possible.

Let Searle guide you to ever-higher vibrations with guided meditations, simplified Merkaba activation, and his ground-breaking Ascension Activation process meditation. He offers a daily planner to keep you on track.

Together, these spiritual tools will help you understand the birth pangs of a new reality and ease your Ascension into the fifth dimension.

Whether you are looking for ways to improve your life, or are ready to take on the final stage of your spiritual evolution, this book has it all.


The Truth Chronicles series covers everything from the creation of humans and the solar system to where we are headed to in the future. Book 1 covers death and rebirth and the Spirit World, your Spirit Guides and Soul Ages. Book II looks at who really controls the world and how did they get there. Future books in this series will cover suppressed technology, aliens, UFO's and Ancient Atlantis. Also, how we can break free from the shackles of slavery and reach our full potential as powerful Spiritual Beings, unique in the Universe. Includes practical exercises in meditation, auras, energy work and healing.


Danny Searle
  • Secrets of the Soul
  • ISBN-13: 978-0992598105
  • ISBN-10: 0992598109
Danny Searle Danny Searle

“You are not a human having a ‘spiritual’ experience; you are a spirit having a ‘human’ experience,” says Danny Searle.

When he was twenty-two, Searle began experiencing an intense series of out-of-body experiences in which his spirit guardian revealed the secrets of life, death, and the spirit realm lying between the two.

Now, he shares this knowledge with you.

You’ll learn why spirits repeatedly manifest in the living world and why the common new age claim to own “old souls” is so often inaccurate.

You’ll discover that, far from being the end, death is merely a temporary return to the spirit realm to consider the lessons of our most recent incarnation.

And you’ll learn the shocking true origins of the human race.

Australian Danny Searle has a background in spiritual psychology and over twenty years’ experience as a spiritual guidance counsellor. He produces the popular YouTube series Path to Ascension.


Danny Searle
  • Secrets of the illuminati
  • ISBN-10: 0992598125
  • ISBN-13: 978-0992598129
Danny Searle Danny Searle

You have felt it all your life. Something is not right in the world. That question has led you here.

In The Truth Chronicles Book II: Secrets of the Illuminati, YouTube sensation Danny Searle explains exactly who the true “owners” of the planet are.

We build their cities, we fight their wars, and we slave ourselves to keep them wealthy. But most of us do not even know “their” names.

What drives them to murder millions, hoard wealth, and place themselves above the rest of humanity?

After years of research, Searle can now answer these questions and much more. He details their crimes, sex scandals, and systems of control. He names, names.

As Searle states, "Our so-called leaders do not care about you or me. They do not want to save us from bad things, find a cure for cancer, or feed the starving billions. No, they only exist for one reason – to maintain their status-quo."

So get ready for some shocks, oohs, and ahhs, and the odd giggle.

The Truth Chronicles Book II: Secrets of the Illuminati, is easy to read and follow, full of amazing truths, and it is a book that will impress and inspire even the most hardened Truth seekers out there.


Danny Searle
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