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What Happens If You Do Or Don't Ascend?

There are 3 questions I get asked on a very regular basis:

  • 1. What will happen to those that do not Ascend?
  • 2. What will I experience during the Ascension process?
  • 3. What can I expect life to be like on the 5th Dimension?

In this video I hope to address these questions to the best of my knowledge.

Ascension Symptoms

When I first came across this list of Ascension Symptoms I was blown away. I realized I had 19 out of 26 and things are really moving fast now. Just the fact the others around the world are experiencing the same things I was proved very comforting. Therefore, I felt it was important to pass on this information.

Here is Your Mission

Get ready for your Life Mission! (A little bit of fun)

Ascension FAQ's November 2012

I address the most common questions I have received in the last month or so:

  • 1. What will happen to my children or partner when we ascend?
  • 2. My family and friends do not share my beliefs about Ascension and I fear for them.
  • 3. Is it too late to get ready for Ascension?
  • 4. Are we still going to Ascend?
  • 5. What can I do to help?

The Prophecies of Mother Shipton

Mother Shipton's Prophecies have proved to be the most straight forward, easy to understand and accurate prophecies to date. Recorded over 500 years ago they ring true now more than ever. They predict World War 3, earth changes, and the coming of benevolent Aliens to help humanity in to a Golden Age.

Basic Chakra Cleansing Meditation

This is my basic daily meditation I do very morning. It normally takes about 20 minutes, but I have condensed this video to around 10 minutes so people can practice easier. This is also the actual music I use, my favourite meditation track of all time -- I never get bored with it! (see credits for details). I am assuming you already know about the Chakra system. Try doing this meditation or something similar every day (or night) for 2 weeks straight and see how you feel, and note any changes in your emotions, thoughts and outlook. I would love to hear about it! When done right, meditation is never a chore, it is always a joy!